My Favourite Brands on Social Media

As a marketing student, I love to stay up to date with different brands’ marketing efforts and campaigns. I especially enjoy following brands on social media to see how they are utilizing the digital world. Here are a few of my current favourites:

Wayhome Music and Arts Festival

Wayhome is a music and arts festival in Ontario that takes place over the last weekend of June since 2015. Now, most music festivals need to have a key social media strategy as that is where there target audience will be.

When it comes to the exciting time when lineups for the summer are released, a festival really needs to stand out from the rest. In 2016, Wayhome did this in my eyes.

They created a 360° virtual reality video that allowed users to walk through a “gallery” in order to get hints to the lineup. The video was quite unique and something I had not seen before. See it here:

Needless to say, that was my first year attending the festival.


I mean, really. They have the funniest tweets:



Airbnb does an amazing job (especially on Instagram) of making me want to travel the entire world. They share the most interesting and beautiful places that truly tap into their audience’s wanderlust.



Honestly… They just have some epic tweets lately that are really getting attention from millennials. Check out this hilarious compilation:



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