Book Worm Wednesdays

Sharing books can truly bring people together, so I’ve decided to make Wednesdays all about BOOKS! So let us celebrate hump day with a little book sharing.

Currently, I’m reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Eugenides is definitely in my top ten authors. I fell in love with The Virgin Suicides, and dubbed The Marriage Plot a favourite of mine. I am ecstatic to finally be getting around to reading Middlesex, I mean it’s only been on my bookshelf for a year and a half…

In any case, I’m completely intrigued thus far with the book. It is not exactly what I expected, but in a good way. Only having made it through the first quarter, I am surprised at how relevant I am finding the story to news articles and topics I discuss daily. Specifically those of what being an immigrant can feel like. It’s a topic I’ve been touching on a lot in a current sociology elective I am taking.

It’s funny how books can do that. Relate to current life, even 15 years after they were published. Image result for middlesex jeffrey eugenides

In short, the premise of the book is of how Calliope turns into Cal, and paints the picture of three generations of a family – starting with their migration to Detroit from Asia-Minor during the prohibition era.

So, what are you reading? Feel free to mention some recommendations for me in the comments!


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